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Ved Bhawan has a unified procedure to perform every Yagya. That means the process is predefined and everyone is known of it. This helps us to undertake an error-free performance. Have a look here how we do your yagya from booking to competion. 

Yagya Process Explained in 10 Steps

Step 1: Yagya Booking

Yagyas can be booked in 3 methods -

Method 1 - On Live Chat
Just come on Live Chat where 24 hours and 365 days you will find any of our Yagya Experts. They will advise you the suitable Yagyas and will also help you in making payment and for further process.

Method 2 - On Telephone
Just call 24 hrs and 365 days on our number : +1 646 480 9003 | +44 20 8133 5343 (see more countries on our homepage) where The Manager or any Adviser will be available. Approach him directly and he will assist you in whole process. You can also give him your telephone number and he can call you back, no matter wherever in the world you are.

Method 3 - Self Service
You select one or more yagyas from the Yagya List, those are closest to your desire. You also must select a Yagya VY110A for all the planets  and book them together by paying through Credit card / Debit card / Banks in US, Europe, India or Pay Pal. After receipt of Payment your Yagya gets automatically booked.
You can change the Yagya anytime before it has been approved. Your payment is identified by your email.

Method 4 - Yagya Recommendation by E-Mail
Request Free Yagya Recommendation from our astrologers on basis of your horoscope and as per your requirements and desires. You will be put in wait list and in your turn you will get your Yagya Recommendation in your email. Due to a large number of requests we normally take any time between 2 days and 1week. In urgent cases you can specify on the form and you can expect your recommendation any time between 1 to 48 hours. There is a deposit of $150 required for this method of Yagya Recommendation which shall be adjusted in your Yagya Price if you go ahead. If you don't go ahead, then you have paid the Recommendation Fee. To prevent misuse of Free Yagya Recommendation, this deposit may also be asked in other method of Recommendations when our Advisers needs to be sure that you are a potential client.  If you don't get recommendation in given time then there is some problem in contacting you or your request hasn't been successfully verified. Then contact us yourself.
With a Yagya Recommendation you automatically get an adviser who helps you before, during and after Yagya process. The next step is making Payment.

Step 2: Requesting Yagya
Fill up a Yagya Performance Request. This you need to do yourself and online.

Step 3: Yagya Authorization
Now fill up and fax Yagya Authorization Form 
By this form you authorize us to perform a Yagya which has influence on your body, mind and life. You also need to know our terms and conditions and you need to accept them all. So without this form, even if you have made payment, your Yagya shall not be started. It also doesn't mean that your Yagya will be cancelled. We will wait for your form in future. People form remote locations can send email to a specific address that is given on the form. This form is taken as final and is very useful for us to perform an error-free Yagya.

Step 4: Yagya Approval
After receiving your Yagya Performance Request, Payment and Yagya Authorization Form, the account department approves the Yagya together with the confirmation; otherwise it waits to have these processes completed. Your Yagya is definite only after approval. You get an approval message if approved. Now you have done your job and our tasks begin now. We make a schedule of Yagya, appoint and prepare the Pandits for your All the information about the Yagya, schedule, venue, timings, contents and progress of Yagya can be viewed through member area. Our webmaster creates a member area for you and gives you a username and password to enter there. This is to protect your privacy and allow you monitoring and following up your Yagya right from your desktop. It takes 2-3 days after approval of Yagya, to send the login details via email. We stop emailing from now. Now its your duty to check your member area at least once per day as all the progresses are shown there and any message too shall be displayed there.

Step 5: Yagya Performance
Yagya starts and proceeds. You watch your Yagya via your member area. You are also suggested to surf the website to know and maintain the restrains during Yagya. Please see – Dos and Don'ts under process menu. The member area is daily updated and shows you the details of daily performances. After completion of Yagya, In some special cases and if in advance requested, The Prasadam  is sent to you, anywhere in the world.

Step 6: Post Yagya Survey
Between 2 and 8 weeks, you get a Post Yagya Survey Request which you need to fill up and send to us via fax. At the same time, if desired, you may ask a Free Jyotish Consultation (Worth USD150) with our Astrologers. This is a complete consultation and you may ask the questions other than Yagya and for other people too. To avail this consultation, you need to fill up the Jyotish Consultation Request Form immediately after sending the Post Yagya Survey.

Step 7: Post Yagya Analysis
After having your survey and eventually the consultation form, our astrologers and Yagya Pandits together, discuss your horoscope, the experience of Yagya as well as the future prospects based on your survey and consultation request. It takes normally 2 weeks. Then you get a Post Yagya Analysis cum Consultation, which describes the estimated result of Yagya, the answers on your questions as well as the timing and the ratio of the success that can be expected from Yagya. When you pay in installments, you get this facility only when you have paid the Yagya fully. 

Step 8: Free Consultation
If you also have filled up Jyotish Consultation Request , then you hear about your consultation from your advisor. It can be either on Chat, or telephonic or through email. If you are too late for consultation, as your form needs to be received by us before we have organized meeting and we send you Post Yagya Analysis, you need to pay standard fee which is Eur 200/ if you still want the consultation. This consultation is not compulsory from us but is useful for you. Only those people get Free consultation who have taken at least 1 Cat A Yagya. When you pay in installments, you get this facility only when you have paid the Yagya fully. 

Step 9: Yagya Certification
Finally, you get a Yagya Performance Certificate. This certificate entitles you to several benefitis and discounts. 

Step 10: Bonuses & Discounts
By availing Yagya Certificate you have right on the following reductions in your future services offered by Ved Bhawan and any affiliate -

  • 10% reduction on all services if ordered after a year after completion of Yagya
  • 1 free birth-day Yagya with every next Yagya               
  • Free Yagya Recommendation for anyone in family & friend-circle               
  • 1 Free Jyotish Consultation every year if any Yagya is performed with-in the Year.
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Why Ved Bhawan Int

  • Multinational Organization (NGO)
  • First to introduce Yagyas in 1997
  • Local Presence & Partners in All Continents
  • 620+ Astrologers & Professors Worldwide
  • 3300+ Educated Pandits & Professors
  • Does Yagyas for People in 143 Countries
  • Indians do Yagyas with Ved Bhawan
  • Organization of Pandits & Scholars  
  • Introduced High Capacity Yagya™ in 2007
  • Ved Bhawan does Legitimate Yagyas
  • As a Charity enables your Tax Benefits

Yagya Hotline (24 x 7)

  • USA: 646 395 9696
  • Canada: 514 600 0056 
  • UK: 020 8133 5343 
  • India: 070 4202 1626
  • Australia: 02 8006 5100
  • Germany: 069 5780 1942
  • Italy: 06 9480 1331
  • Switzerland: 044 586 5100
  • France: 01 8488 8778
  • Singapore: 03 157 3453
  • Japan: 050 5806 7400