Frequently Asked Questions about Yagyas

Got Questions on Yagyas? We’ve Got Answers!

The general questions regarding Yagyas are already answered on our website. Please go through every site carefully as all articles are authored by our Yagya Experts Scholars. These pages will give you full insight abut Yagyas their techniques and the details. Irrespective to the fact whether you book Yagya or not, reading these pages shall increase your knowledge about world's best spiritual method to solve materialistic problems.

  • Wha it is Yagya, Yajna or Vedic Yagya?

    Yagya is a spiritual ceremony that is done on several days by several Pandits who perform Vedic Rituals in your name so that your good karma increases in bulk. These good karma help you solving problems and fulfilling your desires.
  • How many types of Yagyas you do ?

    Ved Bhawan does several types of Yagyas as follows:

      • A Yagyas: For Serious Problems & Desires. Cost:  US $1171
      • High Capacity Yagyas: For Big Problems and Desires. Costs from: $3450
      • B Yagyas: For Small problems. Costs: $650
      • C Yagyas: For planets or for Future Problems. Costs from: $330
      • Daily Yagyas: For continuous Support in long term. Cost from: $950 Per Month
      • Open Yagyas: Customized Yagyas or Unlisted Yagyas. Cost from: $200
  • Which Yagya I need?

    Which Yagyas and how many Yagyas you need depends on the problems and desires you have. Each problem or desire needs a specific Yagya. In High Capacity Yagyas however more desires are embedded. You can go through Yagya List and select the Yagyas that is most accurate of your desire. You must add Yagya for All 9 Planets (VY110A) or High Capacity Yagya for all 9 Planets (HC510). If you don't do planetary Yagyas you may not be able to resolve your issues because other Yagyas shall be weakened by your negative planets.

    However it is very easy to find a Yagya in the Yagya Lists for your purposes and you can book the same, you may also come on live chat (24x7) and ask help of Yagya Experts. You can also call us and get instant Yagya Recommendation for Free and the expert can also book the Yagya for you.  

  • Where the Yagya is done?

    Yagyas are done a one of our 44 Yagya Centers in India. You can see the details of Yagya and Yagya Center in your member area.
  • Who can do a Yagya?

    Yagya is a unversal method of healing. Hence it works for everyone irrspective to his religion. It doesn't matter whether you are Hindu or Muslim or Christian, if you have faith in God and Godly Power, Yagya works for you.
  • How do I know my Yagya shall be done?

    Ved Bhawan is an organization that does Yagyas professionally. We work with 3000 Yagya Pandits throughout India and we are not going to pay thir salries for no performance. At the same time we offer you several methods to monitor your Yagya. For example you can listen live mantra or follow the whole Yagya process via the member area.
  • Do you do Free Yagyas?

    We are still doing researches how to do it. Thank you. 
  • Do I need to visit you? Can I visit my Yagya?

    As Yagyas are work by cosmic energies, we use your name, photo and birth details in Yagya Oath to make sure that the result reaches to you only. Your physical presence is therefore not neccessary but you are more than welcome if you wish to visit your yagya at your own costs and arrangements. To participate in Yagya you need to be fully clean and honest, vegatarian and without any liqour before, after and on the day of your visit. To visit your Yagya please contact your adviser. You can't visit Yagya of other clients. 
  • When the Yagya will work?

    Yagyas work through cosmic energy and there is no science to define when these energies will be working for you. It all depends on the intensity of problems, strength of Yagya and your own efforts. Any factor can influence our result drastically. At the same time a result has different interpretations. For example a Yagya starts working for you to increase income but you will notice it after several month. It can't make you rich overnight. In another example when you do Yagya for finding a partner you come across people and one of them will also become your partner but you will realize it after many months and even year. In both example Yagya has worked but it worked gradually from 1% to 100% but you will notice it only when 100% result occures which means that you met the person several times and now have decided to get married. Having said that, the High Capacity Yagyas start working immediately and result can be expected at any moment. 

One More Question?

If you don't find answers on your questions, the best method to get them is to come on our 24 x 7 Live Chat where our Yagya experts will not only answer your queries but will also be able to book and schedule your Yagyas right away. They can also help you making payment and with other questions. You can also call our 24 hrs hotline to book the Yagya on telephone. You may also send an email to our customer service at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just fill up this form for a detailed reply in your email.

We however don't send a Yagya Recommendation by email unless you have a booked a Paid Yagya Recommendation ($150). For Free Yagya Recommendation you must come on live chat or call your nearest hotline. For all other queries the following form can be filled up for a reply via email. 

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