High Capacity Yagyas™

   Auto-Acceleration of energy in a High Capacity Yagya
  Ved Bhawan handpicks Genius Scholars globally
  Planets drive our body and mind through cosmos

"The seller changed his mind again last night and decided to go forward with the deal. We signed the paperwork last night as planned, I am now 20% owner. The deal went through and it is done! Great news and definitely a Yagya miracle!"

Annyes, Malibu, USA

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support during all the Yagyas performed for the benefit of my son. The (criminal) charges were reduced to misdemeanors and he was able to get back to the University.

Requel, Philadelphia, USA

High Capacity Yagyas: Big Yagya for Big Purposes

High Capacity (HC) Yagyas™ are a unique and unparelleled system of performing huge Yagya by Ved Bhawan International* for Accelerated Benefits in critical and heavy problems or for heavier protection, goalds, income, for faster results, for group protection or benefits, for a group of people, society, company, village or a country. These Yagyas are aimed for significant benefits with regard to the quantity and time and can be done for a single person, for a family, for a business or a group. This Yagyas involve 10 to 100 times more work than standard Yagyas and therefore are also expensive.

"High Capacity Yagyas are basically for those people who believe in investing 6% to get up to 100% outcome / profit / income / success / protection they actually deserve."

High Capacity Yagyas: The Induction Theory

Mantra Jap Induction through mantra Pandits reciting Mantras

High Capacity Yagya uses 
Cosmic Induction System to get faster and smoother outcome. For example, if you are in an interview for a high-paid job and if you have bad planets, then the examiner will have several negative energies and thoughts about you in his mind and he doesn't get good feelings to offer you this post. When you sit before him and if your Yagya has been done or at least has been started, your cosmic mind inducts examiner's cosmic mind. The energy of High Capacity Yagya gets so overwhelming that the ratio of bad and good energy gets 20:90. This means that positive energy of High Capacity Yagya starts dominating the mind of the person and he will then be motivated to decide in your favor. Same thing happens for your love, your business and even health.

High Capacity Yagyas were  introduced by Ved Bhawan in 2007. These are the bigger form of Yagyas in which the mantra quantity gets sometimes even 100 time more. In old era, the kings were capable to have several Pandits on salary and they were used to do continuous Yagya for protection of the kingdom. However a normal person can't afford appointing several Pandits for longer period but he can enjoy the same benefits for shorter period. In old era we had less complications in life than now. Thinking all that we generalized this system and extended the possibilities of Yagya for hundreds of purposes. Learning from the theory of colors where 4 colors CMYK - make 16 million combinations, our scholars did 8 years (1999-2007) research and found certain ways to combine particular Mantras and Stotra with each other that could help addressing problems sharper and faster than traditional system of Yagyas. There are hundreds of mantras and stotras and they can create thousands of combination. Our scholars have combined 800 most important combinations that can help you for almost all purposes of your life. Check our 800 Yagyas in HC Yagya List.
* High Capacity Yagya™ is a an internationally registered Service Mark of Ved Bhawan Inc with reg. no. 5,093,842. Ved Bhawan has exclusive right to use this in any or all formats. Ved Bhawan has never licensed anyone to use this mark or words in any means or for any purpose. Any use in bad faith constitutes a damage-claim starting USD 55,000 plus Cybercrime Proceedings starting a Reporting in Local Police of offender. See our legal notice or ask for it for more details.

The Accelerated-Induction theory of High Capacity Yagyas™

Progress Flow in Standard Yagyas   Auto-acceleration method of High Capacity Yagya

A Standard Yagya depends on the power of prayers that have been done. So it starts from zero and comes at a climax point. Then it starts getting weaker exactly like a battery and get dead at a point. Unlike to this, a High Capacity Yagya uses an another process that gets charged in a matter of hours and starts working in full capacity for protection or for prevention of such losses. This has moreover some particular processes of mantras they absorb energies from the cosmos and get automatically charged after some intervals. Then it gets again fully charged. This accelerates the results of Yagya every time. This cycle continues for maximum 3 years. A High Capacity Yagya is therefore discharged after serving its purpose even if it is 2nd day after start of Yagya.

It 's all about Capacity

 This car is cheap but has limited capacity  This car has very high capacity but the cost goes high You can better take a flight if you want to fly

A blogger writes - 
"I bought a SEAT Marbella and it was a LOT faster than this report. It would do 100 mph! I was driving at night and the car in front of me was a Porsche. He moved over to let me pass and must have got a bit annoyed when he saw what was passing him. He slammed the pedal down and flew past me!"

Everything has its own capacity and limits. Accordingly it has also its needs. For example an Airplane does fast and heavy job, then it also needs high class fuel and in much more quantity than any other vehicle. Also in above example the first car needs less fuel and costs less but it gives you very limited facilities and capabilities. In the other hand when you buy the 2nd car, it is many times more expensive but it can bring you always on your destination on time, with comfort and of course in more easy and secure ways. In third example think about an elephant. It eats much to perform heavy. 

You may ask, what has a Yagya to do with these examples. They actually have to. You may think that God is one and he is pleased with even small prayer then why so big work ? The ideologies of Devotion and Remedies are different. In India for example 99% people pray God everyday, why most of them are still unhappy and poor ? They do devotion which is a part of their lives but they don't do a full-fledged remedy. So Prayer is remembering and thanking God, but Yagyas are meant to create more good Karma that can dominate your bad karma and lead you towards happiness and success. God doesn't interfere in your Karma, this is your belonging, so even being pleased, God will not add or change anything. This will be contrary to his own law. The maximum he can do is to give you salvation (Moksha) using his special power and in exceptional cases. But whatever you wish to achieve you need to add that much Karma. Now to achieve a job of a Primary School Teacher may not need that much Karma but to achieve a CEO post at a multinational company you will required much higher amount of good karma. At the same time doing a job needs much less good karma than being a professional Singer and making money by Films. In this case you will need more knowledge, more performing skills, more stamina, more higher opportunities and more rich clients who can pay you too. Therefore you need greater Nature support and thus High Capacity Yagya. 

"The conclusion is, that you may wish to be happy with small Puja's or Yagyas and can defend yourself for saving money; or you can satisfy yourself by any other logic, but when it comes to greater achievements, you don't achieve anything with an unfit or insufficient remedy."

It is exactly like you are trying to Travel from US to Japan by your own feet or by a bicycle because you find a flight ticket expensive or you want to save money. In other words, you can't heal a patient of cancer using Paracetamol.

We suggest you to identify yourself what level of desire you have and if you have any desire that is above average then you need a High Capacity Yagya. For indication, a clerk, a school-teacher, a small shop owner, a mechanic or anyone else who has a net revenue of up to $50000 a year (US Standard), Eur 35000 (Europe), INR 150,000 (India) - we count to be average. Anyone else who is more or desires more, should do High Capacity Yagyas for assured and sufficient results. 
See here the list of our List of more than 1200 High Capacity Yagyas™

Different High Capacity Yagyas ?

High Capacity Yagya

It is a package of 2-3 Yagyas for a single purpose. Denoted by the letter A at the end, this Yagya means that it is done by 7 Pandits in 7 half day schedule it is total 320 hours work and costs $1171. Except VY110A all A Yagyas are good enough to address serious problems or desires of individuals. 

Daily High Capacity Yagya

High Capacity yagya is a unique technic of Ved Bhawan to perform huge Yagyas for greater level of results. These are sometimes even 20 times bigger than A Yagyas. This Yagyas are done for executives, businessmen, businesses, companies but also for individuals for much higher results, income & protection. 

Targeted High Capacity Yagya

Daily Yagyas are average level Yagyas done for whole year for continue help. We perform Yagya for you everyday for 1 purpose and you pay relatively much lower amount from $950 a month. These Yagyas start working after 3-4 months and help in longer term constantly. You can start and stop this any time. 

No Risk Targeted High Capacity Yagyas

Open Yagyas are traditional rituals that you wish to do in stead of getting our Yagya packages. This may be due to your own recommendation or your desire to do a particular Yagya. We do selected and authentic Open Yagyas such as Rudrabhishek, Shatchandi, Mahamrityunjaya etc at affordable prices. 

Our Success Rates in High Capacity Yagyas

For Money, Business, Property96%
For Love, Marriage, Saving Love94%
For Health, Fitness, Problems & Litigations94%
For Planets & Doshas93%
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