Astrology Services

Life Horoscope

Life horoscopes are the navigation in to your life with help of planets. A comprehensive horoscope interpretation of up to 200 pages in pdf format that tells eveything about your planets, your destiny and your life with specified days, months and years of future events and full graph for your whole life. The topics include health, illnesses, finance, business, Job, carrier, income, losses, Property, love, marriage, children, family, success, prosperity, destiny, problems, obstacles, freidns, enemies and much more. 

  • Life Horoscope Basic (in short): $500.
  • Life Horoscope Advanced (Detailed): $1500.
  • Life Horoscope Royal (Extensive): $2500. 

Astrology Consultations

Consult a Learned Astrologer (Jyotish Acharya) about everything in your coming 3 years, get answers on your questions/problems and get solutions / remedial / Yagya Recommendations for your Problems and Desires. A consult can clear your doubts and confusions, can help you to blow in the direction of the wind and make your success and benefits secured. Consult him/her at our centers, at your home, on telephone or on live chat. 

  • Astrology Consultations Personal: $300 
  • Telephone Consultations: $200
  • Live Chat Consultation: $200
  • E-Mail Consultation: $300

Knowing your Partner

A detailed horoscope compatibility analysis to decide whether a person is fit for you for love, marriage or for business partnership. Very useful and traditional method of research before you join someone for life but even more useful after marriage because you have to live with him/her. So knowing advantages of your partner can accelerate the love and growth in life while knowing weaknesses can give better understanding and solutions to avoid miscommunications, fights, miseries and separations. 

  • Compatibility Check Basic: $200
  • Compatibility Check Advanced with Marriage Report: $700
  • Business Compatibility Check: $700

Analytical Horoscope Reports

Marriage Report

In a marriage report we analyse both of yours horoscopes and chck how compatible you are together and how your marital and love life is going to be. Fee: $700.

Business Report

A comprehensive report on and around your business and business income. Tells you all what to expect from your business and how to deal with problems. Fee: $700

Carrier Report

Outlines your job and carrier growth, specially when you are an executive post holder and have several challenges and ambitions at the same time. Fee: $700

Health Report

Explains comprehensively about your present and future health and fitness, your physic & weaknesses, illnesses and the developements during health treatments. Fee: $700

Spiritual Report

All about your spiritual path, your karma, your spiritual capabilities and suggestions how to achieve enlightenment and how to use your spiritual power. Fee: $700

Company Report

A company has several unpredictable factors from gaining clients to acquiring revenues. This comprehenisve report gives you the picture of the growth of company. Fee: $1500



All our astrologers are a Jyotish Acharya

When consulting an astrologer it is cruciel that you consult a specialist and the specialists are not born with the knowledge. Believing this, we only admit an educated astrologer in our teams. all our astrologers who come on board are at least Jyotish Acharya from a University and some are even Ph.D. in Vedic Astrology. 

At Ved Bhawan you are in safe hands

Approching an organization of astrologers for your serious matters assures that you are in safe hand. Unlikely to the individuals who often exploit your faith and your situation. This means you will not be misled by our astroger and you will have even the facility to get 2nd opion or a rectification, should one astrologer be mistaken. Moreover one can't charge you more than that of our standard fees.  

We hold Expertise & Experiences

Having expertise means we are not only qualified but have gained experiences in astrology in lively matters. So we know how it works and how to deal with it when things flow beyond your control. You can trust our experts to find the strategy to deal with your problems and to find solutions in all situations.  

Only Authentic Predictions  

Our astrologers are not Ponga Pandits (unpractical experts) and they research about you and your problems. While we are flexible and we work scietifically, we keep in mind that we never cross the lines of authenticy. So we will not tell you to do anything nonsense just to please you. We keep our predictions authentic as defines in the scriptures of Vedic Astrology. 

How to Avail Services

  • Book

    Any servie needs to be booked in advance and you need to get an appointment. However you can in certain cases get the service right away after booking it and making payment. Come on our 24x7 live chat or call us for this.
  • Pay

    Every service must be paid fully and in advance. You can pay us using credit cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union and several other payment methods.
  • Receive Services

    However many services are given on live chat or via email or on telephone some consultations may be prived personally too. To avail the service you need to visit us at the appointed time. For telephone Consultations you will be called backby the booked astrologer at the given time. All other services shall be provided in the methods it has been specified.  
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  • +91 84 4740 5000 | +1 646 395 9696
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Why Ved Bhawan Int

  • Multinational Organization (NGO)
  • First to introduce Yagyas in 1997
  • Local Presence & Partners in all Continents
  • 620+ Astrologers & Professors Worldwide
  • 3300+ Educated Pandits & Professors
  • Does Yagyas for People in 143 Countries
  • Indians & NRI's do Yagyas with Ved Bhawan
  • Organization of Pandits & Scholars
  • Introduced High Capacity Yagya™ in 2007
  • Ved Bhawan does Legitimate Yagyas
  • As a Charity enables your Tax Benefits

Yagya Hotlines (24 x 7)

  • USA: 646 395 9696
  • Canada: 514 600 0056 
  • UK: 020 8133 5343 
  • India: 084 4740 5000
  • Germany: 069 347 99999
  • Switzerland: 044 586 5100
  • Netherlands: 088 179 0097
  • Hong Kong: 852 8197 7272
  • Colombia: 300 929 1400
  • Australia: 02 8006 5100
  • S. Africa: 021 813 6000