Do's & Don't during Yagya


Ved Bhawan does Yagyas to help you, not to bother you. So you can live your life in your way while your Yagya is being performed. You don't need to bother about your participation as Yagyas are anyway done in your name and the result goes anyway only to you. All what we want is that in this period you remain honest, descent and clean. This is very important because you would contradict your Yagya by your wrong deeds. Here we line-up some of the rules of Yagyas you may voluntarily want to live-up however in your Yagya, a Pandit always represents you and follows all the rules that you would need to. So try your best but your following rulles will not anyway add more than 1% of result.  Read more

If you do, it is very good, if you don't do, it is not that bad. So do if you can and don't bother if you can't. Yagyas are, like medicines, a universal remedy and Ved Bhawan does Yagya for people of every religion and believes, we don't want you to become a Hindu because of Yagya. So just live your life your way, pray your God and put your trust in Yagya. That will be sufficient.

However your physical participation in Yagya doesn't affect the results, but if you wish to visit and participate then we have some desires and that must be fulfilled. Here by list th desires that you must fulfil if you visit your Yagya:

  • You must not eat non-veg on the day, a day before or after your participation in the Yagya. 
  • You may visit the Yagya on last day. But if you visit any day before then you are obliged to visit and participate the last day as well. 
  • You may take your own family with you only those people with whom you can share the yagya results. Don't take a village with you as in that case hardly a few percent result will come in your share. 
  • You must have taken bath and must not have gone to washroom before participating in Yagya.
  • On day of Yagya till it finishes for the day, you can only eat fruits, yoghurt and dring milk, juice and water. No food is allowed before or during Yagya. 
  • Shoes or any leather item, animals are not allowed. Drinking alcohol, smoking ects are not permitted. 
  • You are not allowed to sleep during Yagya while participating in it. Mobile phones and tabs must be switched off completely. You are not expected to disturb your own Yagya by your talks and entertainments. 
  • You must follow the instructions of the Head Pandit during Yagya. 

Obviously killing and eating animals or birds are prohibited in Veda's but we have tolerance for other groups of people too. So we will not stop you eating non-veg if it is your daily food. There is nothing obligatory but don't start eating non-veg foods during Yagya if it is not your regular food. Do not it with other people in same plate because your will share their love but their bad deeds too. Other people are anyone who is not your direct relative like parents, partner, siblings and children. 

Do not sleep in day hours during Yagya unless it is a requirement of your life-work. We count day from sun-shine to sun-set. Sleeping much will reduce your absorbing power of Yagya. but it doesn't mean you don't sleep at all. You must sleep at least 6 hours daily. During this period you may feel little tired. this is because of the extra energy of Yagya that you receiving. In that case sleeping little more will help. 

Don't get mis-conception that sex is bad. It is as necessary as food. So do it if you are regular but don't do it if you are not regular. Anyway don't do un-usual / un-ethical sex as this may result much harm during Yagya. Remember, flirting is also a a kind of sex.

Don't curse anyone, it may become true. And if you do it just to bother enemy or someone, it will simply not work. Blessing someone is good but it is exactly like you are sharing your money with him.

During Yagya you may feel more energy and that may encourage you doing adventure, for example race-driving. Don't do this. This may be dangerous. 

If you have any other issue or questions, please contact your adviser.

How much Good Karma you earn

  • Donations = 2%
  • Helping old people = 3%
  • Helping students = 4%

  • Meditation = 5%
  • Prayers = 10%
  • Mantra Chant = 15%

  • Hawan = 20%
  • Puja = 30%
  • Yagya = 90%

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