Real Yagya Testimonials

"This first HC Yagya worked wonders for me - one of my tenants is moving out, but I found someone to replace him and pay me more! This will very much help me pay Ved Bhawan.

Anyes, Malibu, USA

I would like to thank to you and Ved Bhawan for excellent help with Yagyas done so far for me. My health is really getting stable now, and business fortune get highly increased. Moreover I have purchased small office, which is a first property that I got in my life. Everything goes quite well, in spite very bad situation in my whole country and in the world as well. I am indeed grateful for all your dedicated and honest job. It is not so easy to find such people today. So, I just wanted to share my feelings in this way.

Vladimir, Serbia

"Hari Om dear respected Mr. ??????? ji, Thank you very much for your mail and good information you gave. Yes I have always understood that you have given free choice and put not any kind of pressure, and that I do acknowledge very much.

Michael, Germany

And may I add I was reading more on your website and the 2 companies I have got services from are on you website as being blacklisted are vedic yagya foundations ( jyotish-yagya ( thinking I was getting help. So I have been scammed 2 times out of my money in hopes are a real service please help me Oh my word. I would love to start the Yagyas but I didn't realize how expensive there are. Those other companies were so cheap because they are scams so that what made me easily attracted to the cheap prices. What I'm going to try to do is save the money. Or do you have some suggestion to work up to those services because I do have high ambitious and believe I deserve the good things in life like everybody else. Thanks so much for contacting me back. Your responding back is a blessing to my soul.

Angela, USA

Unfortunately I must tell you that Mrs. X from Germany passed the way yesterday. The son told me that her leaving was quite peaceful, and actually right after the Yagya she was feeling much better. So I believe that also this Yagya has helped her. I would like to thank you sincerely for all your help and concern with her. God bless.

Lodovico, Switzerland

We also wanted to share with you you that finally we could buy the house close to the school for which we arranged HC Yagya. The price has been slightly less that the original, but equally we are happy because we know that in the future we can have more space for our students. Finally. all our family wishes for you and your staff the most possible happiness and achievements for your beautiful work making people happier in an evolutionary way.

Jorge, Argentina

On another note, the ear infection which I have had since September with very little improvement had miraculously disappeared when I returned to the consultant on Monday... He wants to reassess in a few weeks.

Diana, United Kingdom

Thank you for performing Yagya. It hardly took 2 weeks to recover from my health issue with which I have suffered for years. I will come back to you for my next Yagya possibly for my business.

Jairam, Netherlands

I must appreciate your efforts. I was able to save my love and we are now good together.

Gaurav, India
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Why Ved Bhawan Int

  • Multinational Organization (NGO)
  • First to introduce Yagyas in 1997
  • Local Presence & Partners in all Continents
  • 620+ Astrologers & Professors Worldwide
  • 3300+ Educated Pandits & Professors
  • Does Yagyas for People in 143 Countries
  • Indians & NRI's do Yagyas with Ved Bhawan
  • Organization of Pandits & Scholars
  • Introduced High Capacity Yagya™ in 2007
  • Ved Bhawan does Legitimate Yagyas
  • As a Charity enables your Tax Benefits

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  • Hong Kong: 852 8197 7272
  • Colombia: 300 929 1400
  • Australia: 02 8006 5100
  • S. Africa: 021 813 6000