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Ved Bhawan International is an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO, Registration No. 53575 under Society Registration Act, 1860 XXI,Government of India) for education, training, research and services in the most popular Vedic-Disciplines such as Veda, Vedic Astrology, Vedic Yagya, Yoga, Spiritualism, Karmakand (Vedic Rituals, Yagya) as well as the languages and cultures related to Veda and Hinduism such as Sanskrit, Hindi etc.

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The basic concern of Ved Bhawan is to preserve the authenticity of Vedic Knowledge, to enable common person availing genuine advises and services, to improve qualities of spiritual services being provided in the society and to encourage Vedic Studies. Believing Veda as a natural technique of living Ved Bhawan encourages adopting laws of nature for a peaceful and bliss life to improve quality of social living and thoughts. Ved Bhawan's services have been specially framed for the local life-styles and social values in different countries. It not only spreads knowledge of Vedic-disciplines worldwide but has gained specialty and experiences in advisory, services & education to make An Astrologer, A Pandit, A Preacher or just a person having general knowledge of spiritualism.



We are Organized

It takes a lot to be an organization. One need to have trust of people, working structure and co-ordination with-in the organization. Having a team work has its own benefit as you get best of several experts. Specially Yagya which really needs a team work, can't be successfully and professionally done when one man shows take this responsibility.

We are Transparent

We learnt it from Maharishi movement which took thousands of Dollars from the clients without telling them what exactly has been done for this money. So we tell you in advance what we do for you - the mantras, the quantities and the purposes. This too we give you in written, show it to anyone you want.

We are Professional

You may believe that someone is born scholar but we believe that he too needs schooling. So we don't just take anyone to have Pandit's uniform. We believe that only educated Pandits can pronounce correct mantras and perform the rituals correctly. So we appointment a Pandit with Post Graduation in relevant subjects.

We are Affordable

We have the most affordable pricing for Yagya. You can do Yagya for even $100 if you don't expect anything. The prices go higher as much as your desires and problems go high, because we need to work to create that much good karma for you. Unless you prefer cheaper dummy Yagya, we guarantee you that you can't beat our price with even with $1.

Skills at VED BHAWAN



  • 18-20, K.G. Marg, HT House 10th Fl.
    Connaught Place, New Delhi -110001
  • +91 84 4740 5000 | +1 646 395 9696
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Why Ved Bhawan Int

  • Multinational Organization (NGO)
  • First to introduce Yagyas in 1997
  • Local Presence & Partners in all Continents
  • 620+ Astrologers & Professors Worldwide
  • 3300+ Educated Pandits & Professors
  • Does Yagyas for People in 143 Countries
  • Indians & NRI's do Yagyas with Ved Bhawan
  • Organization of Pandits & Scholars
  • Introduced High Capacity Yagya™ in 2007
  • Ved Bhawan does Legitimate Yagyas
  • As a Charity enables your Tax Benefits

Yagya Hotlines (24 x 7)

  • USA: 646 395 9696
  • Canada: 514 600 0056 
  • UK: 020 8133 5343 
  • India: 084 4740 5000
  • Germany: 069 347 99999
  • Switzerland: 044 586 5100
  • Netherlands: 088 179 0097
  • Hong Kong: 852 8197 7272
  • Colombia: 300 929 1400
  • Australia: 02 8006 5100
  • S. Africa: 021 813 6000